Hello, Friends! Welcome to Loose Canon Photography! Here you will find a large collection of work that I've done, from commercial work to my own personal work. My work spans various styles and genres. In trying to remain unique in the world of art and photography, all of my editing is done by hand, and is meant to reflect the content of the images. Keep in mind, that my work aesthetically doesn't match most other artists of this age. Feel free to explore, discover, and lose yourself in my world. Don't hesitate to ask any questions you may have! Thank you for visiting.



My style doesn't fit into the "light and airy" nor the "dark and moody" themes. I like to view my work as realistic as well as vibrant. I enjoy capturing a moment as it happened so that it may be preserved forever as truthfully as possible. Each image is an irreplaceable moment in time, and I love nothing more than steeling those moments into memory for all to share and remember.♥